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In his first Battlefield 1 game, Evan runs into an incredibly blatant hacker.

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  • yea , and people wonder why lobbies are empty in certain games , fuck that i will jump to ps5 when it comes out , im done

  • aim assist,spotting, increase bullet damage such kind of hacks…

  • Idk wtf everyone is thinking, talking bout cheaters and hackers either way if you play wit an advantage you got or downloaded you a scumbag cheat. I wish there was a big ol target on your cheating asses so than everybody knows you cheating!! I'd download that hack!!🖕🏻

  • EA/Dice sucks. This hacker will still be gaming at level 45. I've seen it too many times. They only do a ban every few months, that way… hackers will re-buy the game. If they were to ban hackers instantly, then hackers wouldn't buy the game over and over. All they give a fuck about is money… hence all the damn "pre-order" bull shit they do, along with "premium" and "deluxe". Oh, you can pay more to play your game sooner if you're in a queue? I mean, money comes above all with Dice.

  • why they r not gettting ban

  • Weak minded ego protectors shouldn't compete against human minds if they can't take the heat. It's such a cancer to the online gaming industry. I never have understood how one can get gratification doing this, it's much more rewarding actually learning skill and achieving vs point and click with a hack. Sad day for them…we laugh at you….and your pathetic egos you're protecting.

  • The amazing thing is you're still playing i would of left within 0.5 seconds

  • this game is trash btw
    it even has more cheaters that mw3 right now on it lol

  • why do people hack on pc so much DICE needs a better anti-hack system

  • Wow I really want that 9 trillion dollar gaming mansion

  • Thats why ill NEVER buy this game….especially after the free weekend. This is Csgo 2.0 nothing more.

  • This is PC? hear keys when u do anything l

  • hacking is boring thats why i fucking hate watch dogs 1,2, fucking garbage

  • if you feel the need to cheat in a video game in order to put yourself "in the lead" in an intangible leaderboard, i can imagine what your willing to do in real life to get a little bit further. it's really creepy people like this exist, you ACTUALLY spend your free time cheating in videogame? Grow up and be an adult, jeez.

  • That's what you get for not reviving those teammates like a medic should>:(

  • TheLegend27

  • Don't understand why people hack? Don't you want a challenge? Wouldn't it get boring after a while?

  • what enjoyment does this bring? lol worhtless

  • and EA/Dice will do nothing, just like they did nothing about hackers in bf3, bf4, bfh, battlefront and now bf1. Dice probably make and sell the hacks themselves, greedy fucktards. Moral of the story… DONT BUY FROSTBITE 3 GAMES !!!!!!!!

  • does EA ban those hackers? or they doesnt do anything about it?? im considering to buy this game

  • I feel like by now anti cheats should be able catch something like this. Like "hey, I'm anti cheat and this player just killed 25 in 30 seconds that's definitely hacks"

  • they are destroying the game its your DUTY to report these cockless cheating fags

  • And to think i paid £120 for this fucking game an the hackers are rampant as fuck dice ur a bunch of cunts

  • have fun on pc guys

  • nahh man you're just bad

  • does this also works on PS4 ? yesterday i got killed 2-3 times & it won't even show who did it

  • He was level 8 what a fucking suprise 0:29 noob i have nothing against people who are level 8 or below but i mean he is hacking dosent matter what rank you are report the shit

  • whats the point of this… is it just to troll ppl and be a dick or is he really that much of a sweaty nerd that he does this to rank his solider up? cause there no fun in doing this smh what a fucker

  • People are really butthurt about cheaters, don't pretend like they are actually a problem, you probably have a better chance of getting raped by a duck, than meet a hacker

  • I would bloody cry and I thought getting killed with a Henry martini was bad

  • "throws smoke" hmmm I'm sure the aimbot won't be able to see me…..

  • as if anti cheat doesn't pick up on it?

  • Probably a good time to leave the match eh?

  • i love the sound of joysticks smashing against plastic!!!!!!!!