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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supply drop glitch 2015 is what i show you guys, an insane “Advanced Warfare Supply Drop Hack” i show you how to get supply drops faster! Its something thats really easy to do and will help you get “Supply Drops Faster” and is a cool “Supply Drop Glitch” and this “Cod AW Supply Drop Glitch” is really awesome so i hope you guys take this “Supply Drop” glitch and use this to get supply drops faster and get elites!

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P-Holla Do it for Love
My name is Salty and i make Call of Duty videos stranding from Call of Duty WaW to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I make videos such as Live Comms, leaked Info and News for Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3, and Legendary / Elite Supply Drop Opening Videos. My main priority as a content creator is to keep you guys informed of everything that’s going on in Cod and make entertaining videos such as Insane Supply Drop Opening Videos and Call of Duty Leaked Info and News! I also make the Best Class Setup Videos for Guns in AW to help improve your game as well as guides to help you Rank Up fast in Advanced Warfare and Prestige Fast. I also post videos on Black Ops 3 and possibilities such as Legendary Supply Drops on BO3 or even Legendary Weapons in Black ops 3!

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