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Well I have now finally created THE Hack Trainer for Black Ops Zombies and Campaign, It includes all hacks in game that you would possibly want I left out the no bullet holes and no gun sounds hack as it is completely pointless. This will be my last release for this version of Black Ops until the game updates. RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

New Features:
Edit Player Head Shots & Kills For All 4 Players
No Reload For All 4 Players
Give Special Weapons E.g Death Machine To All 4 Players And Can Choose What Weapon Slots They Go Into, Players must switch between slots to see the weapons
All features like no clip,floating dead melee range, also fast trigger works for all players online now and pretty much all features do if you are host.


Edit Player Points
Edit Points for all 4 Players online
Edit Head shots
Edit Kills
Edit Primary Ammo
Edit Secondary Ammo
Edit Mule Kick Ammo (3rd Weapon)
Edit Player Speed


Uber Knife Range
No Clip
God Mod
Fast Gameplay
The Floating Dead – Zombies Float When Killed
No Weapon Burst – Can keep firing a weapon that has a burst
No Reload – Unlimited Ammo
Small Crosshair – works in online zombies without being the host
3rd Person View
0 Gravity
Fast Trigger – Rapid Fire
No Shell shock – Flash Bang doesn’t effect you
Instant Kill – Works On New Spawned Zombies so might have to wait a few seconds for some new ones to spawn
No Recoil
Give Weapons
God Mod for host and All Players
Custom Teleport – you can set your own Position
Set Teleport locations for Kino & Five
Save Position & Load Position
Level Changer
Full Console Commands List + Console command sender ( can also press F1 In-Game for Console )

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